Made to order products

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We will also provide made-to-order products from design and production to delivery by the consistent quality.

Details of custom-made

Press processing products(brackets)

Parts of the products produced by our equipment(Press and Bender machine) according to customer specification.
We will respond to customer requests for variety, quick delivery, and small lot.
Made-to-order rods and resin coating are also available.

Steel, stainless steel,
copper, aluminum
plate, and others
Chromate, nickel,
chrome, tin, and
alumite plating
Other plating is
also available.
Processing example
Processing examplePress, sheet metal processing
Product processing through to press processing by mold or automatic cutting equipment.
And, it can be a complex bending process by bender press.
Bender, press machineBender, press machine
◆Bending process of sheet metal, round bar
[Processing range]
Plates: steel 4t, stainless steel 3t, copper 6t
Round bars: steel φ12, stainless steel φ10