We introduce some common questions or inquiries from customers.

Why stainless steel is sometimes attracted by magnet?


There are three types of stainless steel.
(Austenitic type, Ferritic type, Martensitic type)
Basically, SUS304 (Austenitic) is not magnetic, but SUS430 (ferritic), SUS410 (martensite) is magnetic.
Work hardening and processing-induced martensitic transformation occurs by cold heading or rolling process, increased permeability, can be attracted to magnet even if it is SUS304.

※What is the processing-induced martensitic transformation?
Transformation of austenite by processing and be a two-layer structure including martensite.
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What is the Munsell code of backed finish for L-type handle?


ABV = beige (5Y7 / 1), ABG = gray (N7), ABM = moss green color (7.5BG6/1.5)
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What is the difference between Neospo and Reston for packing material?


Both of Neospo and Reston are made of CR, but processing method is different.The plate of Neospo(thickness × 1000 × 1000 (Unit: mm)) is cut width,so it become a spongy surface and 1m units will be strung together.Reston attaches to the surface film and a sponge rubber extrusion.(Length:1m〜100m)Can be used without any stitching.
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How can I increase the length of the hinge bending?


We will respond to your special order as your drawing size.
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I would like to request a custom-made in small lots, how many pieces are available from?


Available from 1 piece.
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What does Trivalent mean?


There are two ways to represent the interpretation of Trivalent Chrome and trivalent chromate.
Trivalent Chrome is a generic term of material which is included +3 in the oxidation number of chromium compounds.
The trivalent chrome compounds are commonly used chromium nitrate and chromium sulfate.
Trivalent Chromate is the plating process which is a way to use the process liquid consisting of a trivalent chrome compound on the electrical galvanized chemical film.

※Difference of trivalent and hexavalent chromate is the process liquid of conversion coating process.
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When you register as a member, what benefits are available?


It is available to download of DXF(CAD) files.
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I've already signed up, but I cannot log in to web site.


Have you set a password?
Your password is supposed to be set up to your any number.
We will reply to e-mail for confirmation after receiving your e-mail for registration,
then it will be able to login.
E-mail for confirmation may be delayed,
sorry for the trouble if you are in a hurry, please contact us by telephone.
We will send e-mail for confirmation immediately.
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