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Company history

1971 Yasuo Hoshimoto founds "Hoshimoto kinzoku seisakusyo" in 1971.
The company starts mainly manufacture of hinges for distribution boards, control panel.
1983 Hoshimoto head office and press factory were established.
Hoshimoto started manufacturing press products according to customer's specifications.
1984 NC factory was established.
1990 Professional turning factory was established.
The company began national sales support.
1991 Company name was changed to "Hoshimoto Co.,Ltd."
1995 The assembly factory was established to increase product variety.
1998 Header, machining and milling factory were established.
2000 New warehouse was built for storage maintenance.(Shariji factory)
Header factory was established for product enhancement.
Associate company(STAR21 Co.,Ltd.) was established in South Korea.
2002 ISO9001: 2000 certification(Japan Headquarters)
2003 The company consolidated 13 places(factories and offices) into one place, the new building was built.
(Currently, the company is operating in three locations of Japan.)
2004 China factory was established.(Hoshimto Shanahai Co.,Ltd.)
ISO14001 certification(Japan Headquarters)
2006 HOSHIMOTO SHANGHAI increased the capital to 3,200,000 dollar for expansion of the casting equipment, etc.
2007 STAR21 moved to new company building (own factory).
2009 HOSHIMOTO SHANGHAI increased the capital to 3,800,000 dollar for equipment expansion.
2010 ISO9001:2008 certification(STAR21)
ISO14001:2004 certification(STAR21)
2011 STAR21 increased the capital to 703,490,000 won for supplier registration to major company(HYUNDAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, LG, etc.)
2012 ISO9001:QAIC/CN/121027 certification(HOSHIMOTO SHANGHAI)
ISO14000:QAIC/CN/121028 certification(HOSHIMOTO SHANGHAI)
2013 HOSHIMOTO was awarded the [OSAKA monodzukuri spirits・Excellent company of OSAKA].
Joined the [Cabinet industry association].
2016 Started new storage facility at head office.
Expansion of machinery facilities at head office factory.(machining processing, NC lathe processors)
Currently, dealing with about three hundred of customers.
2023 Established a new factory for manufacturing rods bar
JQA-EM3846ISO14001取得済  JQA- QM8637ISO9001:2000取得済  QS-Accreditation R009
1999年 グッドデザイン商品 妨木平面スイングハンドル